Chris Brown Jail Bait!
Chris Brown Nude Chris Brown Cock
Chris Brown Cock
Chris Brown can't even find fans in jail these days. You'd think Brown's HUGE BLACK COCK and sweet, tight ass would have them lining up at his cell door, but reports say fellow cons are still pissed he beat the crap out of Rhianna. Just kicked out of rehab, Chris is stuck is in an LA jail today, but will travel to DC soon for his assault trial there.

Zac Efron is Out of Control!
Zac Efron Naked Zac Efron nude
Zac Efron naked
Former Disney star Zac Efron has reportedly gone off the rails, getting in skid row street fights, busting up his pretty-boy face, and generally not giving a shit about his image. Supposedly recently out of rehab, Zac is quickly becoming a Hollywood bad boy. Judging by some of the pics we've seen, he's willing to let it all hang out and not even claim the pics were "leaked!"

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Ryan Gosling Gay Sex Scene?
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One of our favorite male celebritiesRyan Gosling has become a huge success and plays roles in some of the hottest films being made. He's doing naked movie scenes and showing quite a bit of skin these days as well. Recently, he was caught by the photographers with his pants down and naked, his cock was totally exposed for the world to see.

Channing Tatum Gets Naked... Again!
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Channing Tatum Naked
This isn't the first time Channing Tatum has been caught flashing his cock to the public, and we're sure it won't be the last! Channing is scheduled to be in a heap of flicks next year and we'll no doubt be adding to our huge collection of naked Channing Tatum content!

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