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Nick Oliveri was fired from Queens of the Stone Age and arrested in Rio for getting naked on stage but his big cock and punk-rock skills make him a popular fill-in for other bands.
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Rapper Usher is multi-talented in the recording studio, on the big screen and as part owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers. His baby face and totally ripped body make him a favorite of ours!
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Ever-adorable Jason Mraz poses for fans in a tight black bikini...and he sings too?
Shirtless Singers!

Jamie Dominic is the full package - young, hot and talented. He's a male model AND a recording artist. Add to that his smoking hot body and willingness to take it all off, what more could you want from a man?
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Singer and record producer Kanye West always seems to find himself in trouble but his talent makes up for his rebellious ways. Kanye is a bit shy about showing off the body, but we catch him when we can!

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Country music sensation Kenny Chesney can leave his boots under my bed anytime!

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He may have been an American Idol runner-up, but Adam Lambert is still making scandalous headlines long after everyone has forgotten about Kris what's-his-name. He's hot, gay and talented. He's an idol in our mind!

Tons of Nude Male Celebs!

Spanish pop singer Enrique Iglesias' voice is enough to get anyone hot, but when he sheds his clothes its almost too much to take. Enrique is hoping to break into Hollywood and we think nude scenes is a great way to get a foot in the door!
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Playboy musician John Mayer womanizing ways are always landing him in trouble. Time to switch teams?
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